Rigworker.com Scam?

Two months ago I read an article about a rigworker who works offshore on an oil platform. He makes $120K a year (tax free) and works 14 days followed by 21 days of holiday.oilrigworker

I used to work in a restaurant and made barely enough to survive. That rig worker dude earned 8 times more at that time than I did. I got really hooked on that idea to find a rigworker job and turn my life around.

I went online and applied at all different jobs sites for rigworker positions. It was pretty frustrating as my job applications in most cases were just ignored. I managed to get 3 interviews but I just failed every time. In many cases I just had no idea what to answer.  I knew I was doing something wrong, that rigworker dude in the article who barely graduated from high school.

I started to do a lot of research on how to become a rigworker. I found that Rigworker.com site which helps people find work offshore. To be honest the site does not look very professional, but I still thought why not give it a try. I was so desperate to find a job in the oil industry I just tried everything that might work.


That rigworker site provided me with right contacts in the oil industry as well a step by step guide on how to make the perfect CV. It worked pretty well, those companies finally started to invite me to interviews. Rigworker also prepared me well for those tough interview questions. It took me 5 weeks from the time I joined Rigworker.com until I was offered a job on an oilrig. It might sounds easy, but still you have to put some effort into actually making that rigworker job dream come true

I make $80,000 a year, which is still pretty good, and all money earned is tax free. The longer you work in the oil industry the more experience you will get and your salary will increase a lot. There is a reason why rigworkers are paid that well. There are some major disadvantages working offshore. One of the biggest is that you will be away for a period of 2 weeks a time from your family and friends. However, those 2 weeks of work will be followed by 3 weeks of holiday.


I really like my new life. This is the first time ever for me that I earn a decent salary. I finally can afford all those things I was only dreaming of before. I actually realized how poor I was before only after I started to earn good money. I think one of the biggest myth about rigworker jobs is that you have to be very tall and strong.

It’s not true. Most jobs on the oil platform are not physically demanding. If you want to learn more about rigworker jobs, check out rigworker.com.

First Oil Job


This is the first step to success in any field. Even the so called “constructive criticism” you hear from trusted acquaintances may contain a hint of jealousy. Take advice when it’s reasonable, listen to your friends, family and colleagues, but turn a deaf ear to the naysayers.


If someone tries to remind you how hard it is to find rigworker jobs in this economy, just ignore them. The job you’re after is out there, it’s only a matter of pursuing it relentlessly.


It’s time consuming, but it’s more than worth the effort. There’s an entire industry built around writing and adjusting resumes for job seekers and rigworkers, so there really is an art to it. The trick is not so much exaggerating your experience in a certain field or position, or glossing over the less important details, but rather respecting the experience that you have.

If you were applying for a job as general manager of a restaurant and the only experience you had in the culinary world was that you were a line cook for a few months, go ahead and talk that up. Obviously, you would have learned a lot while you were there, you know how the business works, so you’re certainly not unqualified for the position.

This goes back to one of the primary concepts I’m hoping to impart to you: Confidence. You’re qualified and you’re passionate, and if this employer doesn’t hire you, there are hundreds more rigworker jobs available.

Your experience doesn’t need to be in the oil and gas industry to make you valuable to your potential employer.